We are a new and upcoming kennel, so get in early
on the opportunity to own some of the finest dogs around.  
We sold out quickly with our first litter and they were beautiful,
and blocky with great conformation!!  
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Rock N Blue Kennels is specializing in producing a select few strategic APBT
breedings per year, focusing on conformation, personality, temperament and overall
health.  All of our dogs are dual registered with the UKC and ADBA and are from
Grand Champion, Champion and
Purple Ribbon bloodlines. Our lines include Gotti,
Gaff,  and more.  We are breeder conscientious and ensure our puppies are adopted
into well-balanced and loving homes.  We make every effort to make certain our
dogs do not end up in abusive homes, fighting rings, puppy mills, or dog pounds.  
Those who have had the pleasure of owning or spending time with APBT's, already
know what loyal and affectionate companions they are.  "Man's Best Friend" is
what this noble breed truly represents.  We have owned APBT's for nearly 29 years
and have finally decided to share some of our sweet pets with other loving and
caring homes. Our kennel is located on the beautiful coast of Southern Oregon, on
some of the most beautiful lands in the country.  All of our dogs are indoor dogs and
socialized with people and other dogs.   

We do not sell our dogs for fighting or to anyone under the age of 18.  

All of our dogs are UKC and ADBA Registered.
No Dogs Are Used or Sold for Illegal Purposes!!
Welcome to Rock N Blue Kennel.  Thank you for visiting our site.
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